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It is with great sadness that I report the death of my beloved husband, John Dana Smith, on September 5, 2016.  Dana was my partner and best friend.

At the time of his death, he was doing one of the things that he loved best at the place that he loved best, at our home that we called Paradise. He was training dogs on our property in Vero Beach.

On April 22nd, we will bury Dana's ashes with those of Parker, his heart dog, in an ancient Indian/Quaker burial ground in Rancocas, NJ.

Our children, Hannah and Simon, and their spouses, Brian and Alexandra, and three grandchildren, Jedidiah, Owen and Abigail have many memories to treasure.

It has taken me six months to be able to share this sad news on the website.

But I also have GOOD NEWS to share!  I have invited two wonderful friends, already members of the Reddog family, to become my new partners at Reddog Kennel LLC, and they said YES! Please welcome my new partners, Kristen Cooper and Kelley O'Brien!!!


Kristen, is the owner of Chief, Reddog's Tomahawk Chop, a Ribbon puppy. Kelly, is the owner of Echo, Reddog's Elegant Echo, who is another Ribbon puppy. Kelly also owns Reno, Lula's twin brother! Reno , Reddog's High Rolling Reno, and Lula, are Birdie's puppies!  

Kristen and Kelly are also the founders of Team Reddog. Chief, Echo and Reno are amongst the top Dock Diving Tollers in the nation!

Please visit their Facebook Page at Team Reddog!

Second Birdie x Cody Litter arrived July 13, 2015

Here is Birdie with her new pups!  Check out the Buff!

Here are the puppies at two weeks of age.

And here are the puppies with my grandkids; the best socialized litter at Reddog Kennel!

Here they are, headed to their new homes!



Meet the "Twins" from Birdie and Cody Litter # One!
Reddog's High Rollin Reno

(The green-eyed boy with owner, Kelly O'Brien)

and Lula
Reddog's Lucille La Ball

(Lula is my little mud puppy!)

Baby Birdie now all grown up!

Rip Parker
 Parker was semi-retired in our new home in Vero Beach, Florida.  He trained in the field every day, even though he became stone deaf at 12.  He liked to do tracking and retrieving and learned to respond to a vibration collar for recalls.  Parker loved to go to Hibiscus Childrens' Village on Thursday afternoons and show off his retrieving skills for the teenagers.  All the kids took turns being "dog handlers"!

Ch Reddog's Rising Star, Ch Reddog's Peerless Parker CD JH WC TDI and their mother, Beacon Hill's Lennoxlove M'ggie CD WC TDIAOV
Beautiful Lennoxlove heads and faces!

Reddogs at Specialty 2013



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